Private membership – there can be only one!

For the past couple of years, smarterscout has kept a secret. In addition to the three membership tiers available online, there is a fourth tier – the Private tier – with more data, more metrics, more everything. We only allow one member at a time to use the Private tier, since it offers such a big competitive advantage. And now, we're looking for a new Private member.

Private membership offers all 55 leagues covered online, plus these:

ENG5   England/Wales National League
GER3   Germany 3. Liga *
IRE1   Ireland Premier Division
NOR2   Norway OBOS-Ligaen
SCO2   Scotland Championship
SWE2   Sweden Superettan


We cover all of these leagues with the same metrics, including our algorithm for flagging smarterscout young prospects, like this one:

For the member who wants to find young stars before they make it big, these leagues can be very useful indeed.  We can add more leagues, too, according to the member's needs.

Our Private member can also receive a Data Scentist subscription to our entire database of metrics adjusted to a benchmark league of their choice, but with a whole slate of additional metrics. These include breakdowns of a player's contributions in our two models of expected goals, total expected goals from shots, and style ratings covering a more granular set of actions than onlne.

Coaching profiles will also be available to our Private member, with up to 30 free over 12 months. Want to see if Miguel Ángel Ramírez is really such an incredible manager? Just have a look at the stats that show it, on demand within hours:


Finally, our Private member will have unlimited support from smarterscout in using and interpreting our metrics. We want our Private member to get the most out of our services, and we'll put in the extra effort to make sure they do.

The Private membership on smarterscout is the ultmate tool for reducing risk and improving outcomes when searching for players and coaches. This year we're offering it all for USD900 per month. If you're interested, please contact us via the link below. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy!

* Germany 3. Liga may be made available to certain clients on the Data Scientist plan, but only as part of a database export.

[Photo: JimJim]

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