New leagues included with membership plans

We're delighted to announce the addition of seven new leagues to our coverage in the coming week. We are also changing the leagues available in our membership plans. These changes will take place on Tuesday, 27 April 2021. Please read on!

Starting this week, we are offering coverage of the following new leagues:

BRA2  Brazil Serie B
CAN1  Canada Premier League
CYP1  Cyprus First Division
IND1  India Super League
MEX2  Mexico Liga de Expansion
SER1  Serbia SuperLiga
SLN1  Slovenia PrvaLiga


These leagues bring our total coverage to 55 competitions for members on the smarterscout platform. There is one important caveat here: depending on the benchmark league selected, league adjustments may be unavailable for the Canadian Premier League. Because the league has only eight clubs that have played a total of 17 league matches over two seasons, with most transfers coming from just a handful of other leagues, we have limited data for calibrating the adjustments. Of course, this will change as the league finishes more seasons.

We are also changing the leagues available to users at different tiers. Beginning on Tueday, Lite members will have access to Europe's top five leagues, the UEFA Champions League, and the UEFA Europa League. Premium members will have access to all of their current leagues plus the Canadian Premier League, Cyprus's First Division, and the Indian Super League. The other four new leagues will be added to the Pro membership plan.

Though we are reducing the coverage in the Lite plan, we are still committed to offering a free option as part of our mission to make advanced analytics available to everyone. Most of our Lite members' searches on the platform have involved Europe's top five leagues and the UEFA competitions, so we hope they will continue to enjoy the free service.

As always, we are happy to receive your feedback. Thanks for using our platform!

[Photo: Government of Odisha]

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