New podcast: The Why in Analytics

It's a great time to be starting out as a data analyst in football. There's a wealth of information available, from podcasts about clubs and players to tutorials about coding and visualisation. More data are becoming freely available, too – even tracking data. But there isn't always a lot of discussion about why people in the sport make certain decisions about the use of data, both in their analytical methods and in their implementation of analysis within a broader institutional structure.

That's why this podcast will be a little different. Dan Altman, creator of smarterscout, will delve into those deeper issues in an attempt to offer a stronger conceptual grounding for football analytics. The topics he'll discuss will include using analytics to develop trust, rational decision-making processes, the choice of different metrics, the fundamentals of modeling the game, creating engaging visuals, communication with technical staff, and the overall role of analysis within an evidence-based club.

Episode 1 of the podcast is called "The foundation of trust and rationality", which is a tipoff that this isn't a typical football analytics podcast. Here are the links – we hope you enjoy:





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