smarterscout joins Common Goal

Professional football is a global industry that garners billions every year by generating passion, entertainment, and style for people from virtually every background. As with any successful industry, its biggest beneficiaries have an obligation to give back to their community, in this case a global community. We at smarterscout are no different.

No one chooses where they start in the game of life, and not everyone has access to the same opportunities. The people who start with more advantages – who experience more than their share of luck, and who manage to live comfortably in an often uncomfortable world – can help to level the playing field for everyone else. As smarterscout gains a certain measure of success, we want to be part of that change.

Common Goal, the group co-founded by Juan Mata, collects a small percentage of income from players, coaches, clubs, and other businesses involved in football. These funds are distributed by streetfootballworld, a charity that supports programs around the world to advance the United Nations Global Goals. Many of these programs began as ways of using football to build capacity in communities and offer enriching experiences to children. Today, some of the programs funded by contributions to Common Goal also deal with urgent challenges like the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Common Goal and streetfootballworld keep their administrative costs low, so the vast majority of donations go to the people who need them. But just as importantly, by supplying a conduit and a commitment for donations from people in football, we believe that Common Goal has an additive effect on the resources available for levelling the socioeconomic playing field.

We are proud to be the first provider of advanced analytics to join Common Goal, and we hope that other businesses in our field will follow. From time to time, we'll offer news from our partnership in this space, so please stay tuned.

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